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MachForWin64 Kit

The MachForWin64 Kit Mach Plugin

In order to interoperate with Mach3, the MachForWin64 Kit includes a plugin that must be added to Mach. The CD that comes with your kit includes an installer for the plugin. If you have either misplaced your CD, or want to update to a newer version of plugin, you can download the installer here.

NEW: We have just released a new revision of the Ethernet Breakout Board in the MachForWin64Kit.

This new version, REV C, is not backwards compatible with the old board due to the addition of new output pins. As such, you must use plugin version 2.0 or later with a REV C board. If you have a REV B board, you should continue using the latest 1.x plugin. You can figure out which board you have by looking at the text near the ethernet port, which should say "S3EBB REV B" or "S3EBB REV C".

Plugin (for REV C boards): Version 2.1

User Guide: Version 2.0

Changes in the latest version (2.0 and 2.1):

Old Plugin, for REV B boards: Version 1.2

If you want to install an older version of the plugin, you might find the version you want here

If you are looking for an older version of the Users Guide, they are available here

For a list of past changes, see the changelog here.