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MachForWin64 Kit

Bring your CNC system into the future!

With the MachForWin64 Kit, you can finally:

What is it?

The MachForWin64 Kit is a small breakout board that serves as an alternative to the parallel port output of Mach3. It connects to your drive box using standard parallel port headers and connects to your PC through either a spare eithernet port or a hub. The MachForWin64 Kit performs nearly all of the tasks that Mach normally does, and usually requires few changes to your existing Mach configuration.




If you are running a 32-bit version of Windows, you cannot use your computer to its fullest: The most RAM you can use is 4 Gb, and many improvements added to 64-bit processors go unused. By using the MachForWin64 Kit and upgrading to Windows 7 64-bit, you can greatly improve the performance and stability of your computer systems.

Also, these days, motherboards with parallel ports are becoming increasingly uncommon. The majority of consumer devices have moved on to other ports so soon parallel ports will be very hard to find! Since the MachForWin64 Kit uses ethernet, it is future-proofed for many years to come.